VERTEX BCN was born in 2016 to offer a range of services related to the integral reform of spaces: rehabilitation, interior design, decoration and kitchen design.

Committed to contemporary design as a way of understanding the world, we create functional spaces, in which light and quality materials play a fundamental role.

Flexibility and commitment to excellence remain the key to our studio's success. We work with our clients to guarantee personalized results that adapt to their needs and meet all their expectations, for this we have a multidisciplinary team of professionals and collaborators in the sector.

Our purpose is based on listening and understanding the needs of our clients in order to give shape to their ideas. We have a team of multidisciplinary professionals and collaborators in the sector.

Loida Ruiz
Ramon Rivas
Chus Amice
Rosa Ferrero
Javier del Río

Equipo Multidisciplinar Vertex


She is an interior architect with a long career and attention to detail is a distinguishing feature of her projects. Above all, she seeks functionality, practicality and excellence. She is an expert in listening to stories and ways of life to transform those stories into functional spaces that are perfectly suited to the client's needs.


He considers his work rewarded by the loyalty of his customers, who adore him, and by his obsession to do things better than well. His level of demand is very high and he is a key player in the trust that customers place in Vertex. The secret of this trust lies, according to him, in the value of the team and the selection of the most committed and professional industrialists.


She studied at Bau, where she discovered the excellence of the work and the dedication to the profession at the highest quality. An expert in kitchen design, she is resolute and ingenious, there is no problem that resists her and she is not afraid to propose solutions that, a priori, may seem extravagant. She always seeks to offer the client highly efficient and sustainable alternatives. She is simple and forceful, like the painting of her favorite artist Piet Mondrian.


Born in Salamanca and living in Zamora, Gothic and Romanesque architecture has always been present in her life until she arrived in Barcelona where she fell in love with the art and creativity of the city. She studied Interior Design at the Escola Deià specializing in furniture. For her, knowing the history of furniture is essential, from design to architecture to functionality and how it adapts to everyday life.


Trained architect and enthusiastic admirer of Le Corbusier, he collaborates with Vertex contributing with his friendly and dialogic approach in dealing with clients, who become friends, trusting in his criteria and delegating to him the most human part of a project, the home. Thoroughness and perfection are the protagonists in the way they solve their projects. With a minimalist tendency, his projects seek "the essential", without artifice. For him, the most important thing is the service and the confidence of the client.