Durán i Bas Street, Barcelona 2021

Reforma integral de vivienda Barcelona

In this project that we carried out together with the architect and interior designer Mar Esplà Povo the objective was to transform an old apartment in which it seemed that time had stopped, into a functional and bright house that preserved the old Barcelona flavor of these houses so characteristic of the Gothic Quarter.

To do this we removed the false ceiling exposing the centenary beams and recovered the hydraulic floors. We allowed the light to reach the hall by working on the redistribution of the space: we opened the kitchen, projected an en suite bedroom and an auxiliary bedroom attached to the living room and added a second central bathroom that serves the guests and the auxiliary bedroom.

This second bathroom is integrated into a volume that is part of the kitchen in which we incorporated a loft. The old kitchen became the bathroom of the master bedroom, the old bathroom of the house became a dressing room and the old well was used to convert it into a shower.

As a separation between the living room and the auxiliary bedroom, we kept the existing wall with its two openings of different proportions that led to the bedroom on one side and a small living room on the other.

A second life for this house full of charm and possibilities.

Complete renovation of a house in Barrio Gótico of Barcelona.

Reforma de vivienda
Vivienda en el Barrio Gótico
Barrio Gótico de Barcelona
Calle Durán i Bas, Barcelona 2021
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