Girona Street, Barcelona 2022

Calle Girona Reforma Integral

In this project we collaborated with the architect Hug Alemany to design the kitchen in a house renovation. Our challenge was to design a kitchen open to the living room and dining area very elegant and well integrated to make it become the center of the day area.

We decided to choose the Essential model Mobalco white lacquered. We placed the kitchen with the washing areas on the wall and projected the columns integrating the electrical appliances, extending the area to the living room to achieve a total integration of the two environments. At the end of the columned area we placed an office integrated into the wall with a black iron shelf that we provided with light.

In the center of the kitchen facing the living room and the light, we placed a large island with food preparation area and a breakfast bar. We chose a Novy hood integrated into the ceiling so as not to break the visual harmony of the space.

Light, which plays a fundamental role in interior design projects, is also the main protagonist of this space. In addition to the existing lighting, we placed LED light integrating it in different elements of the kitchen to achieve maximum warmth in the space.

In this way, we made the kitchen become the heart of the house in this historic apartment in Barcelona's l'eixample dret where functionality and aesthetics are the clear example of being a successful combination. 

Kitchen Project

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