Londres Street, Barcelona 2022

Calle Girona Reforma Integral

In this renovation in Londres street in Barcelona, the owners were clear that they wanted a kitchen with a large work and storage space. For them it was also important to give a lot of prominence to the table and to have a large capacity dining and dining area.

In response to the functional characteristics they wanted for the room, we designed an Iris Gl. kitchen by Mobalco with white Dekton tile by Consentino.
We distribute the kitchen in two working areas: the cleaning and cooking area is located on one of the walls and we place a large central tray for food preparation.
On the other side of the wall we install columns with large storage capacity and place the appliances, all of the Gaggenau brand.

At the back of the kitchen, a sliding door allows access to the large capacity storage area where we use the same modules as in the kitchen, seeking to have the same visual coherence even though the spaces could be totally independent.

We have paid special attention to preserving all the original architectural elements of the house, such as the original cornices, cornices, and roses that were restored so that they could form part of the space, thus maintaining the cultural and artistic character of this house full of history.

Kitchen Project.

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