Calabria Street, Barcelona 2021

Eixample, Barcelona, 2021

In this integral reform project in which we have collaborated with the interior designer Mar Esplà Povo we found an early twentieth century apartment of domestic and homely proportion with too much chiaroscuro contrast: long corridors, thick load-bearing walls parallel to the facade that prevented the entry of light to the center of the house, false ceilings of plaster, deformed floor ...

We began by intervening in the floor slab to reinforce and level the floor and we eliminated one of the load-bearing walls by integrating a structural reinforcement to be able to update the distribution and get the light to reach the center of the apartment.

We eliminated the false plaster ceiling in some areas and left the beams and beams of the forging in sight to remember and pay tribute to the age of the house. We were able to save very little of the old flooring and we have given new life to the floors of the wet areas: kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room.

The result has been an open and functional space in the common areas with the entrance hall, the open kitchen, the living room and the dining room giving privacy to the bedrooms. One of the bathrooms occupies what used to be the kitchen and the adjacent laundry room has been converted into a large shower.

In the hall we placed some very functional shelves that are the result of taking advantage of a technical recess.

Also, one of the windows of the entrance was walled up due to previous interventions in the staircase of neighbors. We have taken advantage of it to place and camouflage the electricity meter.

A second life for this apartment in Barcelona's eixamble, now converted into a modern and functional space without losing its essence.

Complete renovation of a house in the Eixample.

Vivienda en el Eixamble
Reforma integral en el Eixamble
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Reforma Eixamble
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