Reina Elisenda de Montcada Avenue - Barcelona 2022

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Sustainability has become a key consideration for us. In addition to contributing to the planet, it adds value to the product. That is why when we design a kitchen, we work with Mobalco.

In this project, the owner of the house was very clear about these values: she wanted a Mobalco kitchen because it was aligned with her ecofriendly philosophy and the fact that the lacquers and varnishes were sustainable and the boards were free of formaldehyde was very important to her.

We designed a kitchen open to the living room in Kefir lacquer matt finish and natural wood that perfectly matched the new natural parquet that was installed in the renovation of the house, with a large amplitude and work surface.
For our client, it was important to have an auxiliary sink in the washing area so we installed a second sink with lid that fulfilled the function she needed and did not break the aesthetic harmony of the whole.

For the countertops, we chose a white model of the Dekton by Consentino brand in contrast with the finish of the base units and in harmony with the columns for appliances and the breakfast area. In the appliance placement area, we chose to install retractable doors looking for functionality and aesthetics and achieving a great balance throughout the set.

Kitchen Project.

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